This seminar course introduces pre-service and/or in-service teachers to issues related to professional development especially in terms of personal portfolio development and other professional activities to further support and contribute to the betterment of the filed of education. In this process, portfolio development will serve as the main measure of preparedness and readiness with class activities to support this process. Equal attention will be given to professional development topics to be determined by student interest and need. Additionally, the course content will give attention to the department’s continuing commitment to social justice, mentoring, and building collaborative relationships.

Prerequisites: Application for Degree Candidacy in the MSED/MAT program.


As teacher accountability becomes an ever-increasing national concern, portfolio development can provide documentation and evidence of the developing teacher’s abilities in a multitude of areas, e.g., knowledge of content area, classroom management, supporting diverse student learning needs, etc. In alignment with these concerns, the NYS Department of Education announced as part of its statewide certification procedures that teacher portfolios are required for new teachers beginning with the 2004-2005 school year. Furthermore, Annual Professional Performance Reviews (APPR) will also be based upon portfolio evaluation. This course will be offered every semester.